How Solar Energy Can Reduce your Electricity Bills

Trials of net metering in Delhi point to a solar power plant revolution in the making. Here’s how you can be a part of it.

Solar Power Plant

What You Need
Space: A sunlit rooftop with no tall buildings or trees around. Around 100 square feet is required for each kilowatt of capacity.

Money: Be ready to invest between Rs. 5 Lakh and 15 Lakh to install a photo-voltaic system that can run all fans, LED lights, TV, Fridge and even ACs. A plant usually costs Rs. 1 lakh for every kW. It usually comes with a warranty of 15-25 years. There is no Delhi govt. subsidy, but the Centre provides some incentives while some banks grant low-interest loans.

The Setup: Installation and maintenance of a solar plant is for professionals. There are many new firms in the market besides older enterprises that offer solar technology. Consult a few before selecting a firm. Look for their part projects, expertise, willingness to customize, and pricing.

How a solar power plant works
How it Works –
Panels: Sunlight falls on solar panels that convert the sun’s energy into direct current.

Inverter: The inverter converts the direct current into alternating current.

Meter: When the system produces more electricity that required, the surplus is sent to the power grid.

Home: Solar energy produces high quality electricity with minimal chance of fluctuation.

What is Net Metering?
People producing solar power can get their plants linked to BSES meter and supply surplus power to the grid. The discom will bill them for the ‘net’ power used from their network. BSES has already net-metered 6 solar power connections.

The Sunny Side
  • Demand on the grid is reduced.
  • Most users of solar power say their bills have been halved.
  • Costs are recovered within three to six years.
  • A plant can be installed in online as well as offline mode. Offline mode helps storing solar power which can be used at night or during a power cut.
  • Surplus power can be given to the grid. It will be adjusted with the amount due to the discom.

Benefits of Solar Power Plant

See the Benefit in your Next Power Bill
A 1 kW plant generates five units of solar power a day. A family whose monthly power consumption if 800-900 units can install a 5 MW plant that will generate 750 units per month. Most of the power will be consumed from the solar panel installed on the rooftop.

The power bill will come down drastically as the discom will bill the family for only 50-150 units consumed from its network.

Solar Power Plant can be a big, one time investment, but at last it will help you lower your bills and after recovering the total cost of the plant, it will be like free energy source for your home.

Click here to download the application form for registration. Also you can contact the nodal officer.


  1. You are absolutely right using solar system at your home will drastically reduces you electricity bill. Also is very good for the atmosphere. we all can find lot of solar LED light dealer in Delhi at good market price.

  2. Right it is soo wonderful! So easy to say... If 1kW costs 1 Lakh, a 5MW plant would cost Rd. 50 Crores.